Rob Shaw Gallery and Framing presents 

First Friday on State Street

Featured Artist:  Candace Thibeault  
When:  September 4th, 2020 6-9 pm
Where:   324 State Street, West Columbia

(803) 369-3159

Candace Thibeault – Natures Patterns

Thibeault is a formalist painter who focuses primarily on patterns and colors and how they interact with each other. She has long been infatuated with nature, admiring the quiet things that mostly go unnoticed and the intricacies that typically go overlooked. Thibeault is inspired by very delicate ecosystems. Her work is often reflective of the ocean, where she perceives colors more vibrant than her acrylic paints can emulate. The fluidness and weightlessness of the water is something she ventures to replicate within her craft. Her work aims to represent an impactful natural atmosphere to where people will hopefully pay closer attention as she captures beauty in a magnified way.

As we begin to have Art Receptions for First Friday again it is our top priority to have a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone. We ask that everyone wear a face mask while in the gallery and we will be following all fire occupancy codes.

Rob Shaw Gallery and Framing is a full service Picture Frame Shop and Art Gallery. Located at 324 State Street, West Columbia. Rob Shaw is a painter and his goal is introducing people to different styles of art. The function of the Gallery’s monthly Art Shows is to share with clients the many different types of artists we have living in South Carolina.

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